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‘The ultimate surround-sound experience. And perhaps it’s the future of classical music.’
— Stephanie Simon, New York One

Experience classical music, from INSIDE the orchestra!

Ever heard those famous first eight notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony while sitting in the middle of the violins as they play them? Or the pounding brass of Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique from right in front of the trumpets? Now you can, with Maestro David Bernard's InsideOut concert experiences. 

Those who often go to hear classical music know how wonderful, entertaining and intense concerts can be. But those who don't might need convincing that Mahler or Brahms in a concert hall can be anywhere near as exciting as listening to their electronic devices — and the traditional format of sitting in rows of seats with a gap between audience and orchestra might not always be the way.  That's where InsideOut Concerts comes in.

In Classical Music from the Inside Out, we eliminate all barriers for the audience by seating the audience INSIDE THE ORCHESTRA. From this vantage point, not only will you hear the music from inside the sound, but you will also experience all of the electricity and magic that occurs among and between the musicians on stage. You will see how the conductor communicates with the musicians, how the musicians communicate with each other, and you will feel the music sound through you. Classical musicians as well as frequent concertgoers are passionate about attending live performances, and this passion stems from having had an “Inside Out” experience early in their lives. Whether that was performing in an orchestra, band or chorus, this experience changed their lives at an early age. And now with Classical Music from the Inside Out, you too can have this experience.

Just as cinema devised IMAX to turn its art form into a vividly involving, high-definition experience, or theater devised site-specific experiences (like Sleep No More) to achieve something similar, so InsideOut is classical music's answer. Pioneered and developed by David Bernard,  InsideOut places the audience physically amongst the orchestra, so that they can hear and feel the music flowing around them, and understand how the great masterpieces unfold from the inside — all the while guided through the experience by Maestro Bernard.

Audience responses have been ecstatic. As one audience member said afterwards, "I felt every note! I could hear everything and see the faces of the musicians! It was fantastic!"

‘David Bernard is transforming concert-going...the seats are with the players themselves, in the thick of the violins or right next to a harp. There’s no separation here, just a mass of pumping hearts in a single musical communion.’

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